Common-Mode Chokes


The JL, ML and ZL Series of chokes are offered for use in AC or DC power line to attenuate common mode noise. The magnetic circuit is designed and windings are connected in the power line so that the currents will cancel.  However, the common mode noise will be attenuated. A High-permeability ungapped ferrite core is used.



The JL series are encapsulated in a cup which results in high density packaging and low profile. The ML series uses a printed circuit bobbin which provides a reliable and inexpensive termination.  Two-section bobbins are used which automatically isolates the two windings.  This provides a high dielectric withstanding voltage values.  All the pins are left on the bobbin which results in maximum holding strength to the board.



To summarize, the EMJL and OEZL series have the highest performance and best packaging density while the OGML series has the lowest price.  This is especially true when compared to the sector wound toroids.

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Spec Sheet List:
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EMJL    rev-D    Spec-Sheet     97.2 KB
O-1977L17    Spec-Sheet     70.8 KB
O-1977L22    Spec-Sheet     73.2 KB
O-1977L49    Spec-Sheet     69.9 KB
O-1978L2    Spec-Sheet     110.4 KB
O-2336L1    rev-A    Spec-Sheet     26.6 KB
OEZL    Spec-Sheet     109.3 KB
OGML    rev-B    Spec-Sheet     84.8 KB

EM14JL24  EM14JL25  EM14JL26  EM14JL27  EM14JL28  EM18JL23  EM18JL24  EM18JL25  EM18JL26  EM18JL27  EM18JL28  EM18JL29  EM18JL30  EM18JL31  EM18JL32  EM38JL20  EM38JL21  EM38JL22  EM38JL23 O2331L2 O2336L1 O-2331L2 O-2336L1 OE17ZL22  OE17ZL23  OE17ZL24  OE17ZL25  OE17ZL26  OE20ZL22  OE20ZL23  OE20ZL24  OE20ZL25  OE20ZL26 OG18ML25  OG18ML26  OG18ML27  OG18ML28  OG18ML29  OG18ML30  OG18ML31  OG18ML32  OG18ML33  OG18ML34  OG25ML23  OG25ML24  OG25ML25  OG25ML26  OG25ML27  OG25ML28  OG25ML29  OG25ML30  OG25ML31  OG25ML32

02331L2 02336L1 0-2331L2 0-2336L1 0E17ZL22  0E17ZL23  0E17ZL24  0E17ZL25  0E17ZL26  0E20ZL22  0E20ZL23  0E20ZL24  0E20ZL25  0E20ZL26 0G18ML25  0G18ML26  0G18ML27  0G18ML28  0G18ML29  0G18ML30  0G18ML31  0G18ML32  0G18ML33  0G18ML34  0G25ML23  0G25ML24  0G25ML25  0G25ML26  0G25ML27  0G25ML28  0G25ML29  0G25ML30  0G25ML31  0G25ML32