Higher Current Ratings & New Power Factor Correction Inductors

New higher current ratings for ECHL and EDHL Nickel Powder Toroidal Swinging Chokes.

Both the ECHL and EDHL Series chokes are offered for use in high-frequency DC power-supply applications and also for AC applications which require linearity and temperature stability.  The cores permeability is stable within ±1% over -55 to +85°C temperature range. These Chokes are designed to meet MIL-PRF-27 Grade 5 Class S (130°C) requirements.

This series uses MPP (Molybdenum Permalloy Powder) cores which are the best combination of high flux density, low core loss, and temperature stability.  The toroidal configuration minimizes stray field effects.

For DC filter choke applications, the useful frequency range is up to approximately 1/3 of the self-resonant frequency.

The two small sizes EC15 and EC30 can be mounted either vertically or horizontally. The remaining ED parts are all horizontal for low profile with mounting inserts.  Modified Standard Parts are available.  Examples of options are open coils, special winding for high voltage or higher self-resonant frequency.



MCE’s  EFPL Series High Temperature Iron Powder Toroidal Chokes can be used for Power Factor Correction.

The EFPL Series High Temperature Iron Powder Toroidal Chokes are offered for use in high-frequency power-supply applications at a lower cost than nickel powder cores.  This series may be vertically mounted to minimize board space.

The EFPL Chokes can also be used for Power factor Correction Inductors.  Contact MCE engineering with maximum voltage and minimum frequency for the application and a computation will be made to see if saturation or core loss is an issue.

The EFPL Chokes are mounted in glass-filled nylon cups and potted with epoxy.  Printed circuit style terminal pins that are larger than required for electrical current capacity are used.  This provides greater physical strength and minimizes the need for extra bonding or brackets.  The EFPL series cups also have stand-offs with wide bearing surface.

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