Telecom Transformers


The TT Series Transformers are offered for use in coupling to telephone lines.  The broad-band frequency response of 200-100 Khz accommodates voice or high speed data transmission.  This series is for circuits with no D.C.

Like other pot cores, the “EP” is self-shielding to the extent it minimizes coupling to other components.  To minimize interference from external magnetic fields, contact MCE Engineering Department for a novel solution.


The EP core and bobbin designs provide for all the pins to be within the outline of the core, therefore minimizing board mounting area when compared to traditional pot cores.

The maximum height has been reduced to .51 inches to fit critical board spacing requirements.

Contact MCE for questions concerning packaging or modified standard parts including surface mount.


Spec Sheet List:
To view a spec sheet, click on the appropriate link below. A page will open in a new window and where you can zoom, print or save the document. After you are finished using the file, simply close the newly opened tab/window.  
1. OE13TT    rev-D    Spec-Sheet     34.5 KB
2. O-1408T1A    rev-B    Spec-Sheet     69.6 KB
3. O-1880T1    rev-E    Spec-Sheet     95.0 KB

OE13TT1  OE13TT2  OE13TT3  OE13TT4  OE13TT5 0E13TT1  0E13TT2  0E13TT3  0E13TT4  0E13TT5   OE13TT6 O-1408T1A O1408T1A 0-1408T1A 01408T1A