Sine Wave Inverters

Application Features

  1. Very low harmonics since the sine wave is generated directly.  Subsequently, low EMI.
  2. Self-switching at high frequencies if frequency is not critical.
  3. Can be separately switched if frequency is critical.
  4. High reliability with very few components.
  5. Is short-circuit proof. A short-circuit merely causes transistors to stop switching.


  1. Can provide high AC voltage, high frequency from battery voltages, such as 5000v to produce sparks on an automotive type spark plug as a methane gas igniter.
  2. Has provided high reliability back-up for a 115 volt 400 Hz power failures.
  3. Has generated high voltage, high frequency with plasma loads for medical equipment.


  1. Best topology for high voltage outputs.  Minimizes problem of high distributed capacitance reflected to primary.
  2. Sine-wave suitable for voltage multiplier circuits.  This results in lower voltage diodes, capacitors, and transformers which have lower cost.
  3. Automatically provides power-factor correction for the load with self-switching circuit.
  4. Very high reliability experience in military applications.

Contact an MCE engineer for more information concerning a specific application.  A design can be accomplished rapidly and small quantities can usually be supplied from materials in stock.


Spec Sheet List:
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