High Frequency Transformers

MCE has an extensive line of standard parts including High Frequency (HF) chokes.  However, standard HF transformers have been very limited.  There are several reasons for this.  The technology has been advancing very rapidly.  Transformers have many more variables such as input voltage, frequency, and a multitude of secondary voltage and current combinations.


A three step program is offered to satisfy customer requirements.  These are:

  1. Employ Computer Aided Designs which can be accomplished rapidly and inexpensively.
  2. Stock a variety of cores and bobbins especially suited for HF Transformers.
  3. Provide rapid turn around on prototypes or engineering samples.  Extra materials such as alternate cores or gap stock can be supplied to enable design engineers to “fine tune” the part in the actual circuit when required.


  1. The majority of ferrite cores stocked are primarily the “E” and “EP” cores.  There are a greater variety of bobbins available direct from the bobbin manufacturers. Existing packaging (cups, etc.) and tooling can be used.
  2. PC bobbins for horizontal cores are the preferred choice.  These provide many advantages.  All of the pins can be utilized without concern for ½  turn problems.  They also permit specific winding techniques to obtain good magnetic coupling.
  3. It is very important that pin assignments for PC bobbins be negotiated.  From a manufacturing standpoint, the pin assignments can significantly affect reliability, performance, and cost.


  1. MCE has also developed several special techniques to comply with I.E.C. and UL safety requirements using standard bobbins and cores.
  2. Insulation systems up to class F, 155°C are available.


Spec Sheet List:
To view a spec sheet, click on the appropriate link below. A page will open in a new window and where you can zoom, print or save the document. After you are finished using the file, simply close the newly opened tab/window.  
EM18WT27    rev-A    Spec-Sheet     62.5 KB
O-1973T15    rev-a    Spec-Sheet     114.2 KB
O-1978T8    Spec-Sheet     101.2 KB

EM18WT27 O-2332T1 O-2333T1 O2332T1 O2333T1 0-2332T1 0-2333T1 02332T1 02333T1