Ferrite EP Core Chokes

Surface Mount Transformer


The DL Series Filter chokes are offered for use in high-frequency DC power supply applications including switching regulators. The principal feature of this series is small size and high packaging density.  That is, relatively larger amounts of energy storage per unit volume. High energy storage (LI²) is obtained by optimizing the magnetic circuit.  This results in the highest inductance at the maximum rated DC. These bobbin wound coils provide higher self-resonant frequency when compared to toroidal coils.



Parallel windings are used for low inductance parts to provide high current ratings.  The multiple windings make winding practical on small bobbins and permits termination to PC pins.  All the pins are left on each part to provide maximum holding strength to a PC board.  It is recommended that holes and pads be provided for all the pins of the choke on the PC board.  Also, that all the pads on each side be connected together.  This will provide maximum holding strength. The EP core and bobbin design allow all the pins to be within the outline of the core; therefore, minimizing board mounting area when compared to traditional pot cores.

Spec Sheet List:
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