E – Core Chokes

Magnetic Circuit Elements E-CORE Transformer


Both the ODBL and  OCBL Series Filter Chokes are offered for use in high-frequency DC power supply applications including switching regulators, flyback circuits, and solar inverters. The principal feature of this series is relatively low cost provided by the PC bobbin or Self leads, ferrite E-cores, and open type construction. High energy storage (LI²) per unit weight is obtained by optimizing the magnetic circuit.  This results in the highest inductance at the maximum rated DC. The bobbin wound coils (with single windings) also provide higher self-resonant frequency compared to toroidal chokes.

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Parallel windings are used for low inductance parts in the OC package to provide high current ratings.  The smaller wires in parallel also minimizes the “skin effect” at high frequencies.  The multiple windings make winding practical on small bobbins and permits termination to PC pins.  All the pins are left on each part to provide maximum holding strength to the PC board.  This makes brackets or special support rarely necessary and results in less board area and lower installation cost.  It is recommended that holes and pads be provided for all the pins of the choke on the PC board.  Also, that all pads on each side be connected together.  This will provide maximum holding strength and further allows for a design change of units with additional windings without modifying the PC boards.

The OD package with mounting bracket and single winding coils is employed for larger and heavier parts.  Sizes 25-75 can also be packaged in MCE Miniature Line EA Encapsulation cups or CA Hermetically sealed cans.

Contact MCE for questions concerning packaging or modified standard parts.

Spec Sheet List:
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