Laminated Chokes


Laminated Chokes are typically rated in terms of max DC current, DC resistance, inductance, and a voltage rating. MCE offers a miniature DC filter choke in the OC18CL series.  In addition, MCE offers a series of chokes, primarily for use in DC power-supply smoothing-filter applications in two series:  1) the linear FL series and 2) the “swinging” NL series.

The FL series Laminated Chokes are especially suited for requirements where the DC will be 50 to 100% of I-DC rated.  They will provide the most inductance in this range.

The NL series Laminated Chokes are generally more suitable where the DC will vary between 10 to 100% of I-DC rated.  The inductance at rated I-DC is approximately 1/4 of the value at I-DC = 0.

Both series are listed by size in the tables of specifications.  The V, I-DC, and R are the same for similar part numbers, only the inductance values and characteristics are different.  All parts are available in any of the MCE Miniature Line package options (see the packaging guidelines on the home page.)

The OC18CL series can also be used as an Audio Inductor. Although these parts use lamination cores they can work in the audio range because they have significant air gaps.

Modified Standard AC Inductors can be made for higher frequencies and with a tighter tolerance of the inductance values.

Spec Sheet List:
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FLNL-25-100    Spec-Sheet     143.0 KB
OCCL    rev-C    Spec-Sheet     59.5 KB

25FL20 25FL21 25FL22 25FL23 25FL24 25FL25 25FL26 25FL27 25FL28 25FL29 25FL30 25FL31 25FL32 25FL33 25FL34 25FL35 25FL36 25FL37 25FL38 25FL39  37FL18 37FL19 37FL20 37FL21 37FL22 37FL23 37FL24 37FL25 37FL26 37FL27 37FL28 37FL29 37FL30 37FL31 37FL32 37FL33 37FL34 37FL35 37FL36 37FL37  50FL17 50FL18 50FL19 50FL20 50FL21 50FL22 50FL23 50FL24 50FL25 50FL26 50FL27 50FL28 50FL29 50FL30 50FL31 50FL32 50FL33 50FL34 50FL35 50FL36 25NL20 25NL21 25NL22 25NL23 25NL24 25NL25 25NL26 25NL27 25NL28 25NL29 25NL30 25NL31 25NL32 25NL33 25NL34 25NL35 25NL36 25NL37 25NL38 25NL39  37NL18 37NL19 37NL20 37NL21 37NL22 37NL23 37NL24 37NL25 37NL26 37NL27 37NL28 37NL29 37NL30 37NL31 37NL32 37NL33 37NL34 37NL35 37NL36 37NL37  50NL17 50NL18 50NL19 50NL20 50NL21 50NL22 50NL23 50NL24 50NL25 50NL26 50NL27 50NL28 50NL29 50NL30 50NL31 50NL32 50NL33 50NL34 50NL35 50NL36 62FL16 62FL17 62FL18 62FL19 62FL20 62FL21 62FL22 62FL23 62FL24 62FL25 62FL26 62FL27 62FL28 62FL29 62FL30 62FL31 62FL32 62FL33 62FL34 62FL35  75FL15 75FL16 75FL17 75FL18 75FL19 75FL20 75FL21 75FL22 75FL23 75FL24 75FL25 75FL26 75FL27 75FL28 75FL29 75FL30 75FL31 75FL32 75FL33 75FL34  87FL15 87FL16 87FL17 87FL18 87FL19 87FL20 87FL21 87FL22 87FL23 87FL24 87FL25 87FL26 87FL27 87FL28 87FL29 87FL30 87FL31 87FL32 87FL33 62NL16 62NL17 62NL18 62NL19 62NL20 62NL21 62NL22 62NL23 62NL24 62NL25 62NL26 62NL27 62NL28 62NL29 62NL30 62NL31 62NL32 62NL33 62NL34 62NL35  75NL15 75NL16 75NL17 75NL18 75NL19 75NL20 75NL21 75NL22 75NL23 75NL24 75NL25 75NL26 75NL27 75NL28 75NL29 75NL30 75NL31 75NL32 75NL33 75NL34  87NL15 87NL16 87NL17 87NL18 87NL19 87NL20 87NL21 87NL22 87NL23 87NL24 87NL25 87NL26 87NL27 87NL28 87NL29 87NL30 87NL31 87NL32 87NL33  100NL15 100NL16 100NL17 100NL18 100NL19 100NL20 100NL21 100NL22 100NL23 100NL24 100NL25 100NL26 100NL27 100NL28 100NL29 100NL30 100NL31 100NL32 100FL15 100FL16 100FL17 100FL18 100FL19 100FL20 100FL21 100FL22 100FL23 100FL24 100FL25 100FL26 100FL27 100FL28 100FL29 100FL30 100FL31 100FL32 OC18CL24 OC18CL25 OC18CL26 OC18CL27 OC18CL28 OC18CL29 OC18CL30 OC18CL31 OC18CL32 OC18CL33 OC18CL34 OC18CL35 OC18CL36 OC18CL37 OC18CL38 OC18CL39 OC18CL40 OC18CL41 OC18CL42 OC18CL43 OC18CL44  0C18CL24 0C18CL25 0C18CL26 0C18CL27 0C18CL28 0C18CL29 0C18CL30 0C18CL31 0C18CL32 0C18CL33 0C18CL34 0C18CL35 0C18CL36 0C18CL37 0C18CL38 0C18CL39 0C18CL40 0C18CL41 0C18CL42 0C18CL43 0C18CL44